Merry Christmas to all

If you celebrate that sort of thing, of course. That would be insensitive if I just assumed you celebrate Christmas.

I am pretty psyched right now about the new Doctor Who. What better way to end your holiday festivities than with the Doctor Who Christmas Special? Gotta love BBC America. There was much squeeing and much rejoicing. I’m excited about this new companion business. She’s rather adorable and I want to know what her whole deal is. I hope it’s remarkably clever.

I’m currently trying to decide if going to bed before midnight on Christmas is all right. I’ve found that the older I get the less likely I am to stay up all night or go out¬†gallivanting. I’m tired. It’s kind of lame but sleep is so lovely.

xmasBut, my room is kind of a post-Christmas disaster that I’ve been putting off. Really not looking forward to clearing off my bed, but that will likely be necessary for sleep.

It’s been a very lovely day, all things considered. I wasn’t sure if this Christmas was going to be the happiest, but like most things I doubt it turned out all right at the last moment. I should know better by this point.

The real question is should I start being productive now that this holiday is over or can I drag it out until after New Year’s? Decisions, decisions. Well, one night at a time and one mess. I’ll sort it out in the morning.

Happy holidays!


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