Romantic, Not Cheering

I have been waiting for my passport to arrive for two months. They lost my first one and the re-issued one still hasn’t arrived. I leave for London January 8 so needless to say I am intensely and stupidly stressed out.

But it’s Saturday and there’s nothing I can do until Monday and even then there’s the first as a national holiday so what can I really do except pray the UPS guy shows up and all my worrying is for naught.

To cheer myself up I decided to watch a romantic film on Netflix called Like Crazy. Big mistake. It wasn’t very good, even though Anton Yelchin was rather adorable. It just made me sad. It’s a make you sad kind of movie. Feel free to indulge if you want to see Jennifer Lawrence being pretty (even though she is a minor character).

It’s snowing currently and there’s nothing much to do. I have that feeling where I want to read but I’m not getting pulled into what I’m reading. It’s unfortunate. Well, here’s to hoping for the best.


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