Review: Blankets

by Craig Thompson
by Craig Thompson

As I continue on my productive reading kick, I just finished Blankets by Craig Thompson, which is not only a lovely story but also a graphic novel. Graphic stories and comics have a very special place in my heart. It’s a means of storytelling that is innovative yet at the same time hearkens back to our primitive past. You know, the whole scrawling images on cave walls thing. But graphic novels (and Thompson’s work) are a whole hell of a lot more exquisite than all that.

Blankets is a memoir piece detailing tales of childhood and centering mostly around Thompson’s first love experience and his interactions with his faith and Christianity. A friend once said that Thompson could not draw a bad panel, and to be honest I agree. Everything he draws is gorgeous from the most fantastic to the most mundane. Some of the images I would look at and wonder how did he think of that?

And the best part is these beautiful panels tell a beautiful story. In my sappy romantic way, the love story was one of my favorite parts. Thompson adores in such a true, honest fashion that you can immediately relate to it. But that wasn’t necessarily my absolute favorite parts. I most like the quiet moments between Craig and his thoughts, out in nature or in his recollections of his childhood. In the same way his love is honest, so are his remembrances and self-examination.

It’s a lovely book and a great story. I’m really looking forward to reading some more of his work.


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