Hello America

I’ve recently returned to the United States from Europe. And by recently I mean five days ago, in which time I have languished in a European  contracted head cold and turned 22.

I miss Europe. Since before I was even able to identify the phrase anglophile I have been obsessed with all things British, or perhaps more specifically English. My life has been a constant dream of drinking tea with the people who do it best and being among the cities where my favorite literary minds flourished. (Surprisingly enough, it is very difficult to find a traditional English tea shop in England, at least not in London anyway.) The European lifestyle is opposite that of the states. It holds a different rhythm. I feel vaguely treasonous for saying it, but I may prefer that European rhythm. Though, upon reflection that longing for Europe makes sense. We always prefer what we do not have.

But now I’m back in the States (that’s another thing. Being abroad makes me want to refer to the US purely as the States. Why? I do not know) real life needs to start up again. But as a way of documenting my trip for myself and ordering my thoughts, I’m going to blog retroactive posts detailing my European adventures across the United Kingdom and Paris. Get excited.

In other news, now that I’m back I need to buckle down and get serious about my writing and my quote unquote artistic ventures. That phrase makes me feel something of a joke. I have a glass menagerie of story ideas floating in my head that I can never manage to actually get on paper (or electronic screen really, but saying paper sounds so much more romantic – it’s the same way I feel about e-readers). Then there’s that whole video making business I do, which I’m committed to but feel like I never have the time to execute adequately enough. Hopefully this head cold will pass and I can rediscover the momentum I had in college (which was momentum I possessed only a short month ago). Here’s to the post-grad lifestyle. Here’s to Europe.



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