On Comics

I’ve been thinking a lot about comics. And graphic novels.

I owe a lot to comics. I fell in love with the most wonderful man I know at an independent comic festival. At the anniversary of said event, he and I went back to MICE (the Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo) with some friends in tow and looked at the work of independent comic artists.

I like what these people are doing. I like the convention format, wandering the expo hall, looking, touching, talking to the creators. I saw many, many artists trying to get exposure for their work. There was so much talent.

There was an adorable father and son sharing a table. The kid must have been like twelve. The dad said that it was his son’s interest that got him back into making comics. Dawwwww! It was just too cute. Seriously. ADORABLE. Plus, the dad (who is Rick Pinchera) had this precious mini comic called Therman. I guess I just have a thing for animated thermos characters. Plus his art was nice; very clean and deliciously cartoony.

I also discovered Jess Fink at the Expo. She’s known mostly for her risque comic strips, but what I really liked her for was her “time travel memoir” We Can Fix It, from Top Shelf. It’s a really excellent way to look at one’s past. Jess uses a time machine to go back and try to stop herself from making mistakes (and also to see herself doing sexy things). It’s funny, a bit racy, and also unexpectedly touching. Plus Jess was very cool in person. She signed our copy!

I’m still sifting through some of the stuff I got at the con. More on that as I go.

Finally, there is the fact that said love of my life mentioned previous is also an independent comic artist. Needless to say I support that community and also the larger, more commercial graphic community as well. I think it’s a very intriguing medium that can do so much that just words cannot necessarily do. I think I also admire it particularly because I am not an artist, at least insomuch as I cannot draw. I think anyone who can turn lines and curves into meaningful shapes are pretty heroic. I respect that immensely.

Welp, that’s all for now. Until next time! xx


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