I don’t always watch reality TV, but when I do…

Apparently, I watch X Factor.

My good friend Liz is something of a reality television guru. She does it all from Tough Love to X Factor to Dance Mom’s. She is not picky and is a sucker for a moving, tear-inducing story as well as sass.

Reality TV is something of a guilty pleasure. I understand that what I’m watching is mostly trash, but it’s such a fun communal activity. If I didn’t have any roommates, I am pretty sure I would never watch reality TV, but that’s only because ridiculing the people on television and heckling jerkfaces is less fun all alone.

But specifically, watching musical competition is it’s own special group viewing experience. Everyone is familiar with the judges. And everyone has an opinion. There’s so much yelling and frenzy! Wailing when the dude you like is wrongly sent home. There’s outrage when someone who is not what we deem as good enough gets through. There is chanting, general excitement, chatter. Nonsensical banter and ridiculous phrases are also a must.

Look! No logo infringement!

Also, if I’m going to watch silly reality TV, I’d rather watch music competitions because when it comes down to it, it’s just a televised talent show and I will always consent to watch talent people singing. Plus I have a weird appreciation for Simon Cowell. He may be sassy and generally persnickety, but he knows the music industry and he certainly knows when a singer has that special something, that it; i.e. the x factor. See? And now we’re back to square one.

So that’s what I’m doing tonight. And even though I should be reading slush or finishing that book I’m reading, I’m going to watch biddies sing on TV. American Horror Story premieres tonight as well. It’s just a television kind of night.


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