It’s Tuesday!

Yet another week and I find myself entrapped by X Factor. Curse you Fox!!!

Quick post today. One thing I noticed this evening is that all of the singers in the over 25 category are better than most of the boys and girls (i.e. people under 25). It seems so unfair! I just feel like the good people should get through and it’s just never case. Also, the way they just sweep right on with the show after the light goes all red and sweeps the losers into darkness is very sad. Someone’s dreams were just crushed! šŸ˜¦ Wehhhh. </end rant>

But good news on the X Factor front, the band Alex & Sierra made it through. They are so cute. But actually.

There are only two whole days until November 1. I am still pretty uncertain about this whole NaNoWriMo thing. I really want to do it, but if anything I am doubting myself. I have an idea, which is better than havingĀ no idea. I’m just a little uncertain about the execution. Can I do it? Perhaps.

Nothing like a healthy dose of anxiety! Until next time. xx


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