Downton, You Disappoint

I acknowledge that I am years behind on this. Or is it just one year? I don’t know. I have a hard time keeping matters straight in TV land, considering my favorite method of media consumption is a bit on the binge heavy side. That being said, I just recently concluded the third season of Downton Abbey, ending with the “Christmas” special after over a year of grueling watching (I had to keep taking long breaks because I found the content too emotionally gripping). Now I have to say, I am disappoint. *Warning* From this point on there will be CONSIDERABLE and LIFE-ALTERING (is that too much? perhaps) SPOILERS. You may click away now should those things upset you.

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Ladies don’t like Larry

I recently finished the first (and currently only) season of Orange is the New Black. First off, oh my goodness. How good is that show? So good. I am now very, very determined to read the actual memoir (which, if Piper Kerman’s TEDx Talk is any indication, it’s likely phenomenal).

I watched the show with Neil (and toward the end with Liz) and a topic that kept coming up was how much I disliked Larry. Neil couldn’t understand why I felt such  loathing. He even said Larry was one of the characters he identified most with (which considering that he is one of the only male characters on the show that is not a correctional office makes sense). This opinion of dislike isn’t unique to me. Liz also hates Larry. IMDB forum girls don’t like him. Professional television critics find Larry unlikable.

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Recap: Massachusetts Conference for Women

This past Thursday I attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women. My employer was kind enough to excuse a portion of our staff that wished to attend for a day of panels, talks, discussions, and lectures at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

2013-12-05 12.44.10

I love a conference. I like the little glossy badges and the advertising lanyards. I like the swag bags and the exhibition halls hocking products and services. But mostly, I love the overwhelming numbers that gather for a specific cause. Over 10,000 women gathered for the conference. That is a lot of ladies. And together we strove to better ourselves and learn something we perhaps did not know before we attended the conference. It was very empowering and inspiring. Another item I love about conferences is whenever I leave one I always feel like taking action. They inspire frenzy and belief.

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Oh, how I’ve missed you (updates & book reviews)

Hello! It’s been a month! Or a little over a month. Why the radio silence? Because I have been WRITING. There was much uncertainty and I did not think I could do it, but I did! NaNoWriMo I have bested you this year! In one month, I wrote a 50,007 word novel. It is not a very good novel, but it exists. Neil and I did the project together (he worked on his own novel and his idea is brilliant). It was a good feeling, writing fiction every day. I found that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My biggest fears about writing are that I will sit down and stare at that little blinking cursor with absolutely nothing to say. Sometimes I can’t find the next words, but more often than not I can type out something, even if it’s bad. Especially if it’s bad. If I can keep up that kind of rhythm and pace with my writing, I should be able to accomplish a lot more. I was averaging at least a thousand words a day, sometimes up to two or three thousand on a good day. It gives me hope. Though, I freely admit I am not looking forward to delving into the editing process.

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