Twenty Fourteen

Sparkling cider all the way.
Sparkling cider all the way.

Happy New Year! It is 2014. I like the sound of it. It sounds a bit more exciting than 2013 or maybe I’m projecting. But say it out loud. Seriously. It’s got a kick to it.

And since this is a new year, I must resolve to try harder and be better and mean it this time. There are many things I would like to accomplish in the coming 364 days, in addition to the work I am already doing, and I would like to declare it before the whole internet:

  1. Writing on the regular, both fiction (i.e., revising my novel [lol novels] and writing short stories) and updating this very blog.
  2. Read at least 40 books (I felt like this was manageable).
  3. Making at least one new recipe every week.
  4. Writing in my journal every night (no matter how sleepy I am).
  5. More travel (New York and Vancouver could be a good start. I also have pipe dreams including California and New Orleans and Scotland. Also England. Again. I can’t have enough England).
  6. Singing and making music.
  7. Be more positive.

That last one is kind of a big deal for me. I have a slightly pessimist disposition and I tend to stand in my own way. No longer! I want to put bad thoughts and anxiety behind me and focus on what I can do and will accomplish.

I am looking forward to this year and I hope you are as well. Until next time!



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