Burlington, Vermont: It’s a Pretty Rad Place

I spent the weekend visiting my friend Ross in Burlington, Vermont. We just got back (after a hastily put together dinner). After four hours on a bus, my brain is foggy, I’m exhausted, and I’m not quite certain of who I am anymore. It was a very nice weekend. Neil and I stayed with Ross in his charming flay conveniently located close to the waterfront and downtown strip.

Burlington (and Vermont in general) is a beautiful place. The mountains, as the name suggests, are very green. Also hilly and enchanting. I could stare at their majesty for hours. It was hot and sunny our first couple hours there, but then it stormed and just kept up a wet and uncomfortable drizzle the whole weekend through. We didn’t let it get us down.

The downtown area is really great: lots of nice shops and independent stores on and near Church Street. Earth Prime Comics was excellent if you’re looking for a good, local comic shop. I really liked the way they had their store laid out. Also, Crow Bookshop was a lovely indie bookseller. If you’re in the market for records, Burlington Records has an extensive collection and lets you browse vinyl to your heart’s content. We were able to find my friend Mike a copy of the original Star Wars soundtrack.

I ate very well during my time in Burlington. Eating out when your fodmap and gluten free is always a challenge, but I found a lot of places could accommodate me. Our first night we had dinner at the Upper Deck Pub. I had an adequate piece of steak and a baked potato. I could have gone for some veggies, but it was a nice meal and you couldn’t beat the price. Plus the waitstaff was very knowledgeable and kind!

I had the best breakfast of my life at Skinny Pancake. They had GLUTEN FREE CREPES made with buckwheat. Drizzled in Vermont maple syrup, I nearly died in the restaurant. It is no secret breakfast is my fave meal. We also went to A Single Pebble for dinner the second evening, which was nice. My chicken fried rice was a little bland (since I requested they take all the tasty stuff out of my dish), but it wasn’t so bad. I’d probably go with a different choice next time.


We also stopped by the Healthy Living Market and Cafe where I was able to pick up some gluten free treats and baked goods. I would have gone to West Meadow Farm and Bakery, a fully gluten free dedicated facility, but they were closed the days I was there. Next time!

Since it was rainy, we ended up going to this amazing bar called Tilt. It’s an arcade/pub and had some excellent gaming choices. I mostly stuck to pinball and PacMan, even though I am quite bad at both. I still had a great time spending tokens. Such a cool place!

2015-05-31 16.39.282015-05-31 16.39.39

We did a lot of walking around and taking in the sights despite the weather. The waterfront area of Lake Champlain has gorgeous views. We also drove to Stowe and went to the Trapp Family Lodge (yes, as in “the hills are alive…”) and strolled the grounds in the damp. The lodge is nicely nestled in the mountains and offers spectacular views of the surrounding ranges. The grounds themselves are huge and offer a lot of rambling potential. We didn’t go far, but my time in the trees was pleasant, though my toes were wet.

2015-06-01 13.15.29 2015-06-01 13.36.43

Most of the time I spent hanging out as you do when you haven’t seen old friends in a while. I had a marvelous time, but I’m glad to be back! Looking forward to a good night’s sleep and a busy week.

Until next time!


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