Packing Is Hard

At the end of August I will be moving into my new apartment with Neil and Mike. This is very exciting. The place we’re moving to is a little bit more manageable in terms of size and it is beautiful. The neighborhood is quiet and its managed by an actual landlord instead of one of those dreadful management companies (you know who you are). Compared to where we are living now, it is going to be an oasis of paradise.

However, getting to that point is a process.

Case in point, I have an apartment, a large apartment, shared by five people with an excess of crap in it, some of which doesn’t even belong to any of us and was left by the previous tenants. There are a lot of things to sift through, a lot to pack, and a lot to throw away. I’ve been harvesting boxes from a number of sources, namely, my office, my coworkers, and liquor stores (beer and wine boxes are SO sturdy). I’ve made lists upon lists of all the rooms we need to tackle and in what order. We’ve even packed up all our books (which, believe me, is no small task). But I still feel like I am forgetting something or I’m not being organized enough. I’m terrified everything won’t be ready in time.

Plus we have so much stuff to get rid of: kitchen goods, furniture, housewares, blankets, books, random blank notebooks. It all needs to get rounded up and donated or given away. Staying in one place for a while is a comforting thing, but it is awful what accumulates: stuff upon stuff. I feel this desire to just shed everything and start from scratch. This next apartment is going to truly be my own. The one I’m currently living in was my friends’ college apartment and though I liked it here, it’s never felt like home. It felt like an in between place. I’m hoping I can carve out a little place in this new apartment, which puts a lot of pressure on it. There’s a lot of stress and anxiety in that hope.

It doesn’t help that we are moving on September 1st, the busiest moving day in the city of Boston. And it does not help that moving in general is confusing what with the whole lease ending at 11:59 pm on the 31st thing. And it really does not help that I still have this secret hope burning in my chest that I will get an e-mail from our realtor any day now saying that the current tenants have moved out and we can move in early, thereby abating any moving day anxiety that I am currently experiencing. *hyperventilates* I also learned far too much about the water service laws in the state of Massachusetts today. The more you know.

Everything will be all right, I’m sure, as both Neil and Mike keep telling me. It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t constantly fretting. I just want to make this move as smooth as possible. I’m sure snags will rear their ugly heads, but I’ll try to meet them head on and keep the weeping to a minimum.

If you have any packing/moving stories to share, feel free. I’d love to swap war stories. WE CAN DO THIS. SUCK IT SEPTEMBER 1ST!

Until next time!


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