TopatoCon + The Green Bean

The past week or so has been totally bananas with no signs of slowing down. October is shaping up to be a nonstop party. I got the festivities started early last weekend by tabling at TopatoCon for the Boston Comics Roundtable, which was a blast! So many cool people there. I was very fortunate to talk with not only a ton of awesome convention attendees but many of my fellow exhibitors. The indie comics community is such a groovy place.


That being said, I am way tired and also ill, I think? I’ve got a weird cough/sinus thing going on. I appear to have tuckered myself out, hence why my post is so late this week. So to make things easy, I am going to review the best thing that happened (besides the comics, of course) last weekend: The Green Bean.

It is no secret that I have a large and unwieldy list of dietary restriction that often make it difficult for me to dine out. Therefore, whenever I find an establishment that is able to serve me and do so in a kind and understanding manner, I am immediately smitten. The Green Bean in Northampton, MA is one of those locations. Not only is their restaurant quaint, adorable, and locally sourced, but it is DELICIOUS! Imagine a room lined with tables and chairs, tightly packed but not uncomfortable. Instead it’s totally cozy. And everyone is super friendly and nice!


Our lovely waitress let me ask questions to my heart’s content and did not start at any of my restrictions, not even the request for no garlic or onion. I ended up getting scrambled eggs, gluten free toast, bacon, hash browns, and organic earl grey tea. It was DELIGHTFUL. They also had self-serve coffee and an adorable mug tree filled with an eclectic collection. Precious. Absolutely precious. I wish they were closer otherwise I would go all the time! If you are ever in the Amherst/Northampton area stop by for breakfast or lunch. They are an excellent business.


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