Boundless Kickstarter!

You may have been thinking, where has Jordan been? The answer: Working on Boundless, a science comics anthology from the Boston Comics Roundtable that I’ve been editing. We just launched our Kickstarter for the project (link here).



Boundless is our love letter to science: a comics anthology that celebrates, explores, and infuses science into tales about our real (and imagined) world. Our goal is to present stories that are both informative and engaging, beautiful yet accurate, and ultimately compelling in their depiction of all the wondrous allure science so regularly brings to our lives.

The 200+ page anthology consists of over 30 different pieces from nearly 40 artists and writers exploring a whole host of scientific processes, technologies, methods, and historical moments in a number of fields including biology, medicine, physics, optics, and astronomy, among others. This anthology aims to examine the many facets of science as well as act as a tool for educating comics enthusiasts and science buffs of all ages.

Boundless is being produced and published as a part of the Boston Comics Roundtable, the oldest and largest community of independent comic creators and cartoonists in the Boston area, and an organization of which I’m a member. As a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization, we don’t have very much funding, which is why we are turning to Kickstarter. Our goal is to raise enough money to pay our artists and writers, cover the costs of printing the book, and cover any marketing and Kickstarter expenses. The more we raise, the more our artists and writers can be paid!

We are also REALLY close to reaching the halfway point of our funding goal:


I’m really quite proud of this anthology. It has some wonderful stories to tell. Everyone’s been working so hard to put it together and I’d love to see it become a reality. Please check out our Kickstarter at for more information on our campaign and backer rewards. Consider supporting us and helping to spread the word.




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