Recap: Massachusetts Conference for Women

This past Thursday I attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women. My employer was kind enough to excuse a portion of our staff that wished to attend for a day of panels, talks, discussions, and lectures at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

2013-12-05 12.44.10

I love a conference. I like the little glossy badges and the advertising lanyards. I like the swag bags and the exhibition halls hocking products and services. But mostly, I love the overwhelming numbers that gather for a specific cause. Over 10,000 women gathered for the conference. That is a lot of ladies. And together we strove to better ourselves and learn something we perhaps did not know before we attended the conference. It was very empowering and inspiring. Another item I love about conferences is whenever I leave one I always feel like taking action. They inspire frenzy and belief.

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Happy Halloween!

For the first time in several years, 31 October actually felt like Halloween. Last year was the first time in my entire life I did not dress up for Halloween. No one threw any parties and no kids come trick-or-treating in my area of town (alas apartment life) and I was caught up in finishing my thesis, so the holiday passed without my notice. But this year we had a Halloween celebration at work! I got to dress up with my colleagues and eat candy. If that’s not proper Halloween I don’t know what is. Then I stopped at CVS, bought some Milky Ways (also toothpaste, but that was not related), and then came home.

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Brrrr baby brrrr

Today it was proper cold. It actually felt like fall for a change. This does not bode well for my skirts and dresses. I am going to have to invest in some more tights. When I was walking to work this morning, my route was detoured slightly by tree maintenance. I had to walk across the leave strewn grass, crunching the brown, curling bits as I went. A good leaf crunch is highly satisfying.

This is the time of year when a hot shower feels like magic. Our apartment isn’t exactly freezing, but we haven’t turned the heat on just yet so it isn’t exactly warm either. Cooking dinner was kind of nice. I cranked up the oven, which warmed things up for a little while. We’re trying to see if we can go to November 1 without turning the heat on. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Space heaters are not cheating.

In other news, I understand why my mother was occasionally frustrated with my brother and me as we grew up. The last thing you want to do after you cook a big meal is clean up the mess you made and I only cook for two people. I can’t imagine constantly doing it for a whole family. I have to do it though, almost compulsively. Cleaning is a necessary evil. The sight of a full sink drives me completely bonkers.

That is all for now. xx

Podcasts and Zucchini

I made zucchini for dinner. I sauteed it  on the stove top. I thought it would come out crappy but it was pretty good, if you like squishy, salty vegetables. I don’t know why they don’t label zucchini as zucchini in grocery stores. They always label it as squash (which it is), but I think of it specifically as zucchini. The more you know.

I’ve been listening to the Savage Lovecast, which is a sex/relationship advice podcast from Dan Savage. I first heard Dan on This American Life talking about how he’s going to ruin the Republican party from the inside (great episode). He is hilarious: blunt, honest, political, and quite knowledgeable. He is kind of like the sassy gay best friend you deserve. It’s a call-in type show where people ask advice, but he also has experts on and debates and all sorts of things. Dan is also just very opinionated and knowledgeable. I like hearing him talk passionately about things. The show might not necessarily be for the faint of heart (some of it gets a little detailed), but it’s a fun show. I do feel a bit weird about listening to it at work,  but no one but me knows what’s going on inside my ear buds.

How did I live before I discovered podcasts? Seriously. Podcasts and public radio are currently my lifeblood. These days I’m listening to This American Life, Welcome to Nightvale, 99% Invisible, and the Savage Lovecast. They keep me running throughout the day. I’ve been listening to This American Life from the beginning. Only Ira Glass’s dulcet tones can get me through another reference set at work. I’m at episode seventy something.

One of my favorite podcasts/public radio shows is currently doing a kickstarter. 99% Invisible is probably one of the best shows in radio right now. It’s an architecture and design based podcast. The stories they get on there are different in style, beat, and tone than a lot of radio work out there. It’s just so good. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an episode I didn’t like (and I’ve heard them all). Plus I have a huge crush on Roman Mars’s voice. Seriously, just listen to him talk. It’s MAGICAL. You should first off give them a listen if you haven’t already (they stream FOR FREE) and next donate to the kickstarter:

Until next time! xx

I don’t always watch reality TV, but when I do…

Apparently, I watch X Factor.

My good friend Liz is something of a reality television guru. She does it all from Tough Love to X Factor to Dance Mom’s. She is not picky and is a sucker for a moving, tear-inducing story as well as sass.

Reality TV is something of a guilty pleasure. I understand that what I’m watching is mostly trash, but it’s such a fun communal activity. If I didn’t have any roommates, I am pretty sure I would never watch reality TV, but that’s only because ridiculing the people on television and heckling jerkfaces is less fun all alone.

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