My Day with Lyft

Getting around the city is often a challenge. Boston is busy; crowded streets, crowded sidewalks; lots of crowds. And the MBTA has time and again proven itself to be pretty unreliable. So when you’ve got to get from point A to point B with relative ease, what’s a girl to do?

These last two weekends, they’ve been doing track work on the orange line, shutting the T down from Forest Hills to Ruggles. I’m usually pretty satisfied with the orange line: It’s not fancy, but it is efficient. I’m not a huge fan of shuttle buses (the rocking, the nausea) though, so I decided to use the three free Lyft rides I had somehow aquired that were on the verge of expiration. In one day, I utilized all three and had three radically different experiences.

I’ve used Uber before but never Lyft, so I was interested to see how it functioned in comparison. My first hurtle was going downtown to meet my friend Charles for the Pride Parade (which was wonderful, by the way). My first driver, let’s call him “Steve,” arrived promptly. He was very nice but not very talkative; we spent most of the ride in companionable silence, which was fine by me. He asked me if the air conditioning was okay and if I wanted to change the music (I declined). He was a careful driver and got me downtown in one piece. Ride 1 was a success, both comfortable and efficient.

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