Start here.

I’m ready for a change. After nearly sixteen years of formal education I think trying something else for a while could be exciting.

I’ve never been good about finishing things, especially when it comes to writing. I like to start projects. Look at this thing all open and ready to be worked on, full of potential. It’s shiny.

My life is kind of like that right now. It’s in that stage – ready to get started. When I finished school last week (ONLY last week – I am not used to this yet) I had this thought. OK. Now I can start my real life. Yes. Like the life had lived for twenty-one years prior was not my real life. It was an illusion, a practice life where I was allowed to make all my bad choices and mistakes and from here on forward all will be momentous and magic and full speed ahead.

But sadly, no. Enter chapter two. Something resembling what people refer to as “adulthood,” a term I’m not sold actually has a place anywhere. I don’t feel any different. I’m worried and scared, business as usual.

Except now I have a job offer. Which is good.

I mean, it makes me feel better.

The best part of graduating is having nothing to do from the hours of five pm to midnight. No homework. No meetings. No nonsense. I’ve suddenly gained like seventy extra hours a week and I want to do EVERYTHING. (Is that counterproductive?)

I’m going to cook!
And learn to play piano!
And beat Skyrim!
And make YouTube videos!
And write my novel!
Write two novels!
Write short stories!
Make a blog…?

Yes. I want it all. And I want it now.

Now I’m starting. There will be plenty of time for me to get tired and get lazy and skip and slack off. But not right this second. Right now, it’s still new.


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