Review: Frozen

Today, Neil and I learned the best kept secret of Boston cinema viewing. If you go to the Loews on the Common before noon, it’s only $7  (!), which is totally reasonable. It is possibly one of the few things that could get me out of bed before ten o’clock on a Sunday.


This particular Sunday we went to see  Frozen. I love Disney animation. I think they do beautiful films and explore great stories, so perhaps I am a little biased. However, how great this movie is cannot be understated. It is visually stunning and emotionally complex. I pretty much cried throughout the entire hour and forty minutes, and while I am a very empathetic person, I believe it was mostly due to the incredibly heartwarming and versatile story and magical ambiance.

First off, the animation was gorgeous. I was crying within the first five minutes just because of the combination of how pretty the visuals were  and how awesome the opening music was. The ice and snow are so well done. The costuming is fabulous. Everything is beautiful. Seriously. The movie is just amazing to look at for starters.

Second, the music. STOP. I cannot even handle the score. It’s absolutely phenomenal. Christophe Beck is a musical god among men. Then there’s Idina Menzel who is herself a goddess. My jaw dropped when she started Let It Go. I defy you to not love that song. So stunning. Plus there’s Kristen Bell (who knew Kristen Bell could sing?!). But mostly it’s the wonderful score and continuing motifs. With the flutes and chanting and choirs, it’s just beautiful and magical. Mostly magical.

But the strongest aspect, I think, is the story. It is just some really solid storytelling. Neil was very annoyed by the advertising for this film, which made it seem a lot more oddball and goofy than it was and didn’t actually explain what it was about. At it’s heart, the story is of two sisters and it is lovely and charming and funny and heart wrenching. It displays a full array of human emotions and that is what makes it such a great film.

To go back to what I was talking about the other day, this is a movie that ends fairly happily (I mean, it’s Disney guys) and is still very clearly art. I could not possibly call it anything else. It melds so many layers so well. In conclusion, go watch it. It’s worth at least $7.


4 thoughts on “Review: Frozen

  1. Frozen has become one of my favorite Disney movies! I completely agree about “Let it Go.” I was listening to it for days after I first saw the movie. And the story offered a great twist on the “true love” traditionally seen in Disney princess movies. I’d say that was $7 well spent!

  2. Well written review, and you are correct. Frozen is certainly worth seven bucks. I also agree that the story is the high point of this very charming and fun film.

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