Relish Review, Comics, Festivals, and Writing

To keep on my graphic novel kick, I recently finished Relish by Lucy Knisley. I first read Lucy’s work when Neil let me borrow her debut novel French Milk (he gave it to me right before we went abroad – the story takes place in Paris). Relish is a much more personal novel, focusing on Lucy and her relationship not only with food but how it relates to her familial life.2013-10-20 09.45.54

Her mother was a professional chef; both parents cultivated in her a great appreciation for food. The memoir documents her life from babyhood up to now including moving from New York City to the country with her mother after her parent’s separation, her travels to various foreign locales including Mexico and Japan, and her college experience in Chicago. It’s something of a coming of age tale; she grows as a person and is very open about how she’s changed. Also, the memoir is dotted throughout with recipes (all illustrated) and all sounding very delicious. Finally, the art is gorgeous. It’s in full color and Lucy’s style is really quite lovely. I highly recommend it.

On the topic of books and literary things, Saturday I went to the Boston Book Festival. We saw Chuck Klosterman on a panel with a classicist and a novelist. It was funny because he seemed to be barely restrained. He would have been a lot happier if he could have just talked the whole time. Still, it was an informative and fun panel. Plus, as you know, I just like listening to people talk. We also saw a young adult science fiction panel that was pretty thought provoking. My favorite part of those kinds of panels is listening to the authors talk about their process and how they got into writing. I just like to hear about everyone’s method.

I am considering doing National Novel Writing Month (cue dramatic intake of breath). If you aren’t familiar with the concept of NaNoWriMo, it’s when you attempt to write an entire novel (50,000 words) in the 30 days of November. It’s only 1,667 words a day. Can she do it? Maybe. I’m still on the fence. I have nine days to either decide against it or come up with a reasonable vague outline.

Last night, I went to a free comedy show courtesy of my Dad.  I love that feeling when you’re laughing so hard breathing becomes difficult and you start coughing and hacking and your eyes water a little bit and your hands flail and you have the tendency to slap your thighs with great enthusiasm. I did all those things last night. It was a talent show for Comedy Central’s Up Next competition. Three winners were chosen and will be going to New York to perform (or something). I just had a good time laughing at jokes. So jokes.

Meanwhile, my room mates (aka, my best friend and my boyfriend) are diligently surfing the internet trying to find the oldest rapper. There is a lot of giggling going on over there. Until next time! xx


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